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Center of Environmental Research
 University of Qom
 Qom Province, Iran
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Tuesday, March 05, 2019 About environmental research center

The environment is the source that is inexhaustible, which implies the survival of future generations. Therefore, the importance of preserving it for all countries and cultures has been considered. The widespread and growing pollution of environmental resources as one of the most complex problems threatens the world today and human health. Various pollutants can cause pollution of the resources. In order to identify different sources of pollution and find a suitable solution to eliminate pollution and prevent further contamination, extensive research is carried out on environmental issues.

The industrialization of the country over the past few decades, together with the rapid growth of the population and the need to provide the necessary facilities, have caused the countries of the environment to be severely threatened. In the same vein, there are additional pressures on sensitive environmental conditions such as forests, rivers, seas, groundwater resources, and so on. Since has not considered the issue of sustainable development in the expansion of industrial activities, the development of industrial, agricultural and urban and rural areas, it is now observable that many non-renewable national resources are not beneficial due to an Increasing pollution burden. In this regard, in order to identify sources of pollution and provide suitable solutions for sustainable development, the need for practical and fundamental environmental researches in the country has been strongly considered.

Qom province Because of is in the margin of the desert and has a sensitive ecosystem, it had very low capacity in agricultural development. But in recent decades, the development of settlements, coupled with an increase in industrial investment in the province, has caused the environment to be at increased risk. The lack of attention to the sustainable development of the province has caused the destruction of some national and environmental resources and in the case of insufficient attention and field research and development in the province to solve these problems in near future the environment of this province will be completely destroyed.

In order to carry out extensive research on environmental pollutants and finding environmental pollutants resources in Qom province, which ultimately lead to extensive damage in the community, as well as to provide the ground for applied research growth in the province and application The research knowledge of faculty members of Qom University, the proposal to set up Environmental Research Center was submitted to the ministry of science, research and technology in the country, which was approved in late 2003.

This research center works with three environmental research groups which include environmental pollution research group, the culture environmental research group, and the Bioinformatics and Environmental Research Group, and has more than forty colleagues, full-time or part-time in environmental related topics. This environmental Research center is the main location of biology research in the province, central provinces of the country and even as an effective member of the national environmental research network at the national level.

Providing a very suitable field for attracting researchers at the provincial and national levels and also providing more cooperation with executive agencies has this research center purpose, and is promising that expansion of applied research, fundamental and developmental research at this research center day by day is increasing. The expansion of the research groups needed to achieve a healthy environment at the provincial and national level is essential, and other research groups will gradually begin by obtaining permission from the deputy director of the Ministry of Education Research and the Higher Education Council. The request for the launch of the other two groups has already been submitted.

Expanding the areas of activity at the national level through cooperation in the creation and development of the environmental and international network through the expansion of existing cooperation with research and academic centers of other countries at two levels of the region, with the Caspian region and the Persian Gulf states and Trans-regional with the Developed countries such as Britain, Australia, America, Canada, Japan, etc are ongoing and will be expanded further.

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