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2nd International Conference on Green University April 30-May 1,2019 - University of Isfahan

About Conference

In connection with the ever-increasing environmental hazards and the surged concerns from people and governmental positions about environmental challenges,the first International conference of the Green University is to be held with the collaboration of Ministry of Science Research and Technology,and the University of Isfahan.

Considering that the universities,acting as role models for the society, stand in the forefront of the pathway of innovation and employing the latest scientific findings,this conference,that is the second symposium of Green universities in Iran,and the second International conference of its kind,provides an occasion for exhibiting the accomplishments in the domains of green management at universities and exchanging knowledge and experiences of the administrates and proficient experts concerning sustainable campuses,to provide the grounds for expansive developments within the community,as well as promoting the performance of the universities. 

 The Second International Green University Conference will host professionals in the related fields from different countries and distinguished home-based professors to share their achievements,initiatives and the challenges they face with other intellectuals and decision-makers in the related fields. With the establishment of market strategy and a green startup,this conference has created a platform for the presentation of the ideas and communication between thinkers and relevant experts in relation to the themes of the conference,to facilitate interaction between industry and the university in addition to cultivating the academic elites. 

Conference Topics

1- National and International Practices

2- Renewable Energy

3- Water and Waste Water Management

4- Waste Management

5- Energy Consumption Management

6- Green Transportation

7- Green Information Technology

8- Sustainable Campus Design

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