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Center of Environmental Research
 University of Qom
 Qom Province, Iran
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Unprecedented reception for Maintenance project of university of Qom To optimize the maintenance and repair of facilities, at the second international conference of the Green University

At this conference, Mr. Mehrabadi, director of the Maintenance project of University of Qom , presented the program of the University of Qom, which was created in this regard. This plan has been created regarding the maintenance and repair of the equipment of the University of Qom and, with its implementation, the performance of the facilities as well as the unit personnel are well monitored. The use of this design has led to a significant reduction in costs in the field of facilities. This presentation, which was held in the main hall of the conference, was recepted by the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Science, Mr. Esmaeili and representatives of the Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan and Amir Kabir universities. The layout is done with the collaboration of the IT department, the faculty members of the Department of Industries and the Office of Construction Design of the University.

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